Roses Turistbureau

Roses Turistbureau

Welcome to Roses, a bay with 3000 years of history. Roses is a city with a Mediterranean essence and a strong tourist and maritime tradition.

It is located in a unique natural area on the northern part of the Costa Brava, less than 30 km from the French border, 65 km from Girona and 160 km from Barcelona. Its origins begin in the 8th century BC. With the arrival of Rhodes and the founding of the Greek city of Rhodes.

These historical events have become the hallmark of a modern, culturally active city and a generous fruit of coexistence with other peoples and civilizations, of which we are very proud and satisfied.

We invite you to sail through a city full of charm and discover new sensations, as they did more than 3000 years ago, the first settlers, where enjoying nature, culture, sweetness and tradition is a privilege for everyone. If we can seduce Roses, seduce you with the rays of the sun that are considered, with the friendly and hospitable nature of the people, with the historical heritage, with tourist, sports and gastronomic offers, with professionalism in the services With the infinite, we have reached our goal with consideration of leisure and entertainment opportunities.

Be welcome!

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