The Train Workshop March 1 - 2, 2025

Copenhagen Bike Show

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the paved road or the forest floor. If you ride in competition or for fun. To work or school.

Opening hours

Saturday: *10-16
Sunday: 10-16

* Guests with a VIP ticket have access from 9 am on Saturdays

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Products, tips and tricks

Our more than 120 exhibitors will surely inspire, motivate and thrill you with the newest products, tips and trends. We have divided them into 9 categories. Click on them and see what the exhibitors have on their stands.

Lectures, shows and activities

There is something for everyone: both for us who let ourselves be fascinated and excited by other people’s stories conveyed through lectures, films and shows.

And for all of us who would like to try a bit of what others are excited about.