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Jens Peter Hansen


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Jens Peter Hansen

Through generations, cycling has made a strong difference to our lives and everyday life, our health, our environment and our cities.

The strong Danish cycling culture and its importance for good everyday life is a result of our personal choices and good political priorities.

Jens Peter Hansen works as national chairman of the Cyklistforbundet to ensure that this development is maintained and strengthened.

Because it is more necessary than ever before that more people choose the bicycle: Far too many Danes die prematurely due to an inactive lifestyle.

Our roads in and around the cities are turning into queues and congestion. Our world is threatened by massive, global climate challenges.

In Cyklistforbundet, we work to ensure that everyone can experience the freedom of cycling.

We work to ensure that all children become cyclists early. We work to ensure that everyone can cycle safely and securely.
Regardless of age. Regardless of whether you live in the country or in the city. Regardless of whether you are an everyday cyclist, an exercise cyclist, a mountain biker or a cycle tourist.

Be inspired by Jens Peter Hansen’s story about cycling as society’s Swiss army knife: Regardless of the social problem, more cycling can contribute to the solution.

Get ready for your own efforts to create better conditions for cycling and/or tell Jens Peter what needs to be done in particular to get more people to cycle more.

Despite the fact that Jens Peter lives in the countryside 13 km north of Randers, he has the bicycle as his primary means of transport.
Regardless of whether the trip goes to Randers, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Leipzig, Arnhem or Nantes, it is done by bicycle as far as possible.

In addition to his role as national chairman, he represents the Liberal Party in Randers city council.

Professionally, he also deals with cycling as a supplier of Bikeep bicycle parking and a Google Street View visualization of nature’s green infrastructure under the auspices of TrailView.