THE TRADE FAIR on September 29, 2023 is dedicated to the cycling industry and is not open to the public. Only industry invitees have free entry on this day.

New products

Although you have probably visited most of your suppliers during the year, there are new products on the shelves that you have not seen. The time of seasonal collections for spring and autumn is over for most, and a continuous launch throughout the year of new products – and improvements to existing models – is now the standard.

Time for contemplation

If your daily life in the shop is just a little like your colleagues in the bicycle industry, then you are most often pressed for time. Repairs are queued up, customers are waiting to be served, and the phone rings in between. It is therefore not surprising if you did not hear what the seller said when he visited. At the VeloDays trade fair, there is time to get in-depth and stay focused. Without being disturbed.

Expand your assortment

It is probably not goods on the shelves or in the warehouse that you are missing. There are generally larger inventories this year, and turnover may also have fallen a bit. But that is exactly why it is crucial that you have the right products in the store. Customers’ needs are constantly changing, and it is important to adjust your range so that it reflects demand. Be inspired and find new opportunities at the trade fair in Vejle.

Book a time with the exhibitors

In order to optimize your time at the VeloDays trade fair, you have the option of requesting a meeting with the fair’s exhibitors, and thus you can manage your day better.

Your Favorites

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Your program

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Opening hours

Friday d. September 29, 2023
8:00 am – 4:00 pm




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