Join us for a great weekend of cycling fun


DGI Huset in Vejle hosts the best exhibitors of the biggest and coolest brands and creates a cycling party with lectures, cycling movies and a large test track.

Social Ride with Argon 18

Join the Social Ride with Argon 18 in Vejle The Canadian manufacturer of high-end bikes in all categories will be hosting a social ride in the beatiful nature around Vejle, when VeloDays are held in the autumn. All the details are not yet in place, but participation will surely be for free, and all riders can take a shower and get access to the show after the ride.

Movies and lectures

See or revisit your favorite cycling movie at VeloDays. It can be short, energetic documentaries about the struggle of bicycle messengers in traffic packed New York, travelogues from bicycle trips abroad or more recognized cycling classics by Jørgen Leth. In addition, there are always exciting and interesting lectures where you can learn, be inspired or be well entertained.

Test track

You get the maximum benefit from VeloDays by test-driving the many different types and models of bicycles that the fair’s exhibitors bring. Regardless of whether you are into road, MTB, gravel, electric or cargo bikes, you are guaranteed to find a large selection to test ride. That way, you can more easily find exactly the bike that meets your needs and requirements.

Have a chat with the exhibitors

At VeloDays, you can get thorough advice and professional guidance from the many exhibitors, so that your choice of a new bike or new equipment will be just right.

It is often very busy in the local bike shop, and repairs or telephones have to be answered while the customers have to be served. At VeloDays there is time for a proper dialogue in just the right surroundings, and you can test drive the many types of bicycles that the fair offers.

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Opening hours

Saturday 10 am – 4 pm
Sunday 10 am – 4 pm