The combination of technically perfect materials with a unique and unmistakable design is a core value of Pissei. We constantly strive for the perfect fabric, suitable for achieving speed and high performance on the road. We make sure our cyclists are wearing clothing perfectly tailored to their body.

Every detail is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional athletes and make them compete to their full potential in every situation. Our experience in the world of competitions is a continuous stimulus to improve our products.

Pissei was established in 1978 under the name of “Ellegi”. From the very beginning, the company specialized in the sports apparel sector and, in 2006, took on its current name.

The production chain has always been 100% “Made in Italy”, in tune with our roots and keeping our traditions alive. We want to bring an eye-catching style on the road. This is why we carefully link the unique style of materials to functionality and technology. We offer refined and non-conventional clothing collections that allow those who ride a bike to feel at ease at any time.

Thanks to our team of graphic designers, we constantly keep up with the latest trends and stand out in the market for our cool graphics. Our prints are created on top-end machinery to the highest possible quality standard.

Since this year we are proud supplier to the World tour team UAE, wich secure that we are in the front of the peloton


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