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About Bike by Gubi

Gubi Olsen: “Bike by Gubi started one day when I came across a picture of a bike. I recognized it right away because I even bought one for my self-earned money when I was fourteen years old. Nice bike. I just had to see it again. And after fifty years, the same bike was still with the man I once gave it to. I could reuse all the parts except the front wheel”.

Gubi Olsen sent a picture of the beautifully renovated bike to Raleigh in England, to present his desire to modernize Raleigh’s bottle green or black classic, Tourist de Luxe. But when Gubi Olsen got an answer from them, it surprised Gubi Olsen that the English introduced him to the family company HF Christiansen, in Randers.

But in fact, Raleigh’s Tourist de Luxe has been assembled in Denmark since the mid-1960s, and since 1999 at HF ​​Christiansen A/S.

Gubi Olsen wanted to create a retro-modern steel bike, by giving the classic Raleigh Tourist de Luxe a make-over. But in Randers, the Tourist de Luxe bike is well taken care of and instead, HF Christiansen offered Gubi Olsen to work together to create a completely new bike – Bike by Gubi.

About Gubi Olsen

Gubi Olsen is known all over the world for his furniture classics such as the Grand Piano sofa. Gubi started his company in 1967 with his wife Lisbeth and the company was dedicated to celebrating “the luxury of living life”. But the founder Gubi Olsen has further a passion for bikes. Gubi Olsen has a lifelong love for bikes and bike mechanics, and with Bike by Gubi, Gubi Olsen furnishes the urban space with modern steel bikes.

Bike by Gubi is designed with love, a strong sense of aesthetics, and with its timeless design, it is a steely winner. Each Bike by Gubi is hand-built in Randers at HF ​​Christiansen and carries its very own unique production number.

A part of HF Christiansen – Danish bike culture since 1903

Bike by Gubi is a part of Danish company, HF Christiansen, who also design and produce brands such as Avenue, CenturionMBK, Motobécane, Nishiki, Principia, Raleigh and Winther. *This may vary based on the country.

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