Join us when Copenhagen Bike Show go live!

Book a live interview from your stand. The interview will be included and promoted in the main program – enabling online reach and call to attention to the SoMe audience beyond the fair, both during and after the fair.

The Live Interview package

In collaboration with UdstillerGuide, we offer a live interview recorded at your stand and streamed to Copenhagen Bike Show’s SoMe channels.

UdstillerGuide offers a professional interview at your stand lasting 5-10 minutes. Here you can show off your stand, brands, designs and new releases at the Copenhagen Bike Show’s authentic atmosphere with a high vibrating pulse from bike visitors.

Included in the Live Interview package are:

  • Your interview will be streamed on Copenhagen Bike Show‘s SoMe platforms (facebook and Instagram approx. 8000 followers)
  • Your interview will be included and promoted online in the main Program for the fair. The visitors can easily find your interview and add it to their ‘Your program’.
  • Clear branding of Copenhagen Bike Show will appear in the video
  • The video interview will be featured and promoted exclusively in Copenhagen Bike Show‘s newsletter in the months after the fair with a link directly to your ExhibitorPage or brand page showing the interview

Use and promote the interview in your SoMe channels and newsletters to extend the experience for the visitors – and remind them of your brand and products.

Intro price
from 4.800,- DKK

See all the options here

Examples of interviews

Below you can see an example of what an interview at your stand might look like. In addition, you can also see examples of SoMe videos that you can purchase. You can enable CC in english on all the videoes.

SoMe video in 16:9 format. Suitable for website, LinkedIn and YouTube.

SoMe video in 9:16 format. Suitable for Facebook and Instagram stories as well as TikTok.

SoMe video in 1:1 format. Suitable for Facebook and Instagram posts.

Kick your SoMe marketing into high gear

When the fair is over, it is important to keep the visitors’ attention. With a SoMe package it is much easier! With our SoMe package, you get 2-3 short videos that we make from your interview. Use them to maintain attention to the products that visitors experienced at your stand.

Intro prices

You can choose between three packages that you can buy at an intro price in connection with Copenhagen Bike Show. You must therefore have a stand at the fair to be able to buy a package.

If you have wishes or needs that are not covered by one of the packages, please contact us for an offer.

SoMe marketing

Package 2
  • Incl. everything from Package 1
  • We cut the interview down to 2-3 short videos that fit perfectly with your SoMe marketing*
  • We deliver videos in one format for two platforms of your choice**
  • You can purchase video adapted to other SoMe platforms for DKK 1,250 per platform

Double up on everything

Package 3
  • You get everything from packages 1 and 2 – twice!
  • If you have several brands or products on your stand that you would like to show off, this package is for you.
  • We will do two interviews of 5-10 minutes, which will be broadcast live
  • We provide SoMe versions of both of them

* SoMe videos last max. 1 min and includes 2 corrections.
** Platforms are Some or own website. Formats are 1:1 or 9:16 by default.

Terms of payment: Invoice will be sent upon acceptance. Payment deadline is 21 days before the start of the fair.

Reach thousands of cycling enthusiasts

We broadcast live on Facebook, Instagram and on the website. This is your opportunity to reach a new audience with your brands and products.

Get in touch with more than

Visitors at the fair

Reach out to more than

Followers on SoMe