What is a pump track?
Pump Track – it’s a bike track with humps that allows you to pump speed into the bike instead of stepping on the pedals. The speed comes from you reducing the weight on the wheels when going uphill and increasing the weight on the wheels when going downhill. This way you can pump speed into the bike by bending/stretching your arms and legs at the right time.

Which bike is best?
A pump track can be used with all types of bikes, but the lighter and more compact bikes are, the easier it is to pump speed in the bike.

A BMX bike of approx. 7 kg is optimal to use, where a mountain bike with full suspension, large wheels and soft tires is more difficult to pump speed with, but all bikes can in principle be used. So please just use whatever bike you have, or borrow one when you get there from us.

You can relatively easily optimize your bike to ride pump track. You just have to pump up the tires well, put the saddle all the way down and lock the suspension. You should also remove loose parts such as bicycle baskets, padlocks, loose screens and other loose parts. A bike with a foot brake is not ideal for the pumptrack, as the brake may well tease when you pump.

See the video for pump technic.

Where can I try it?
We are putting the 22 meter long Pump Track on the square in front of Øksnehallen. Here, everyone – children and adults – can try out this fun form of cycling.

When can I try?
The Pump Track is open during the same period as the Copenhagen Bike Show 2023. See the schedule her.

How much does it cost to try?
It’s completely free to borrow a bike and helmet and try the Pump Track, and it doesn’t even require a ticket to the Copenhagen Bike Show.

In the event of all-day rain or severe weather, the course may be closed.


Do you want to hear more about the options of renting or getting a Pump Track to your community, institution, school etc. then please contact Dyhre Cycling.

Contact: Palle Dyhre
Cell phone: +45 7178 7592